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Michael Lo
Title:  Rivers of Sarawak
Summary: A collection of scenic photographs of the rivers of Sarawak.

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Date first published:  April 2004
Publication: For more photos and information about fish and plants in Sarawak, see Michael's website:
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Borneo Field Trip Diaries
Rivers of Sarawak
(Sungai di Sarawak)

by Michael Lo
of Sarawak, Malaysia
From his website:

In the past, rivers were the only way to access the interior of Sarawak, so most of the towns and villages were built beside rivers. In the upper parts of the rivers most of the native people are of the Dayak tribe. In the lower parts the majority are Malay. Chinese live in the towns.

Some rivers in Sarawak are infested with man-eating crocodiles, especially in brackish water. That's why I seldom go fish collecting in brackish water....too dangerous!   The most famous "crocodile river" is called Batang Lupar, in the Seri Aman division. It is famous because a lot of men and children have become victims of the hungry croc. Besides crocodiles, freshwater dolphins are also found in the rivers of Sarawak (near Santubong). 

Here are some pictures of rivers that I have taken during my fish collection trips:

NOTE: Sungai = River)

t-1 river-bau.jpg (7684 bytes)
The upper Sungai Sarawak in Bau area


t-2 river1.jpg (4478 bytes)
Batang Kayan, (Lundu area). The green arowana is found here!

t-3-sg.sematan.jpg (7789 bytes)
A small river near Sematan,the most western part of Sarawak

t-4-rivercruise.jpg (6329 bytes)
River cruising in Sungai Sarawak near Kuching City

t-5-sg.bako.jpg (5273 bytes)
Sungai Bako, the only route to beautiful Bako National Park. If you want to see real crocodiles, go to the upper part of Sungai Bako.

t-6-sg.rejang.jpg (4237 bytes)
Sungai Rejang, the longest river in Malaysia. It used to be a clean river but after logging activity began in the upper part of the river, the colour of the water turned brown!

t-7-sg.tebedu.jpg (7837 bytes)
An underground river (flooded cave) near Tebedu

t-8-ferry-rambungan.jpg (7350 bytes)
Ferry service at Sungai Rambungan. After July 1st 2004, all vehicles using  ferry services in Sarawak State had to pay a toll. Before this they were free of charge.

t-9-lupar.jpg (5454 bytes)
The famous crocodile "king" called "bujang senang" attacked and killed a lot of villagers living near the Batang Lupar River, Seri Aman. The story of this giant croc. became a legend.....

t-10-uppersambas.jpg (9895 bytes)
Upper Sungai Sambas, Kalimantan

t-11-upkayani.jpg (6765 bytes)
Upper Batang Kayan. The water level is very low during the dry season.

t-12-upkayani2.jpg (6481 bytes)
Upper Batang Kayan

t-13-upsarawak.jpg (9603 bytes)
Upper Sungai Sarawak

t-14-sg-peduan.jpg (10577 bytes)
Sungai Peduan, of Bau. A beautiful place!

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