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Puntius nigrofasciatus. Illustrations are from A Colored Atlas of Some Vertebrates from Ceylon.
 Volume 1: Fishes. P.E.P. Deraniyagala 1952 Ceylon Government Press. 
Note: some Latin names have changed since publication of this book.
Puntius nigrofasciatus

  Illustrations from A Colored Atlas of Some Vertebrates from Ceylon, Vol 1:  Fishes, P.E.P. Deraniyagala. 1952 Ceylon Govt. Press. 
Note: Some Latin names have changed since publication of this book.

Ready for instant use in aquarium club publications or non-commercial web sites - authors' permission already granted. For the general reader, an overview of what aquarium hobbyists are doing all over the World.
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October 1999 to March 2001: As editor of my aquarium club’s printed newsletter I tried to include several articles in each issue. As the monthly deadline approached, I often had problems with which I am sure other editors are familiar!
- A shortage of original articles from members of my club. Sometimes, I believe, they did not think it worthwhile to write an article for the small circulation within our one club.
- If I did see an article in another club’s printed exchange newsletter that I wished to use, I had to get permission, and re- type it all myself, (or wait for e-mail responses which came in a variety of forms). Photos and illustrations added more difficulties.
Wanting a new challenge, starting in March 2001 I decided to try to ease these problems for newsletter editors all over the World. and to give them some assistance with their often lonely and thankless task…

As Aquarticles has developed I have realised that there is lots of good amateur writing out there, hidden in aquarium club web sites that are normally read only by local club members. I am attempting to bring these together on a comprehensive web site that is available to general readers whether they are members of clubs or not.
Furthermore, some authors do not have a club newsletter or a web site to write for. They are invited to
submit articles to Aquarticles and be assured of a wide readership.

February 2003: This policy worked well, with about two hundred articles being reprinted in the newsletters of about thirty different clubs. But with over four hundred articles by now available I realised that none were being over-used, so Aquarticles' policy changed to allow reproduction not only in printed newsletters but also in on-line newsletters, and in aquarium club and other non-commercial web sites. The conditions for use of articles are given on the View Articles page.
General readers are of course still welcome.

March/April 01: conceived and written by Howard Norfolk. Web site developed with the indispensable help of computer experts Glen Platt and David Whitmore.
28 April 01:
Site officially opened with twenty articles.

Dave Whitmore, Howard Norfolk, Glen Platt
Dave, Howard, Glen.
Opening Day 28 April 2001


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August 2005: 935 articles now available
- Schuyler Sloane, Founder and President of the Northeast Philadelphia Aquarium Society, starts off the month with: 10 Rules for Being a Good Fishkeeping Husband.
- Roberto Petracini submitted an illustrated article about a new species of catfish he discovered near his home in Argentina: Epactionotus aky.
- Peter McKane, of England and currently residing in Holland, wrote "On 10th of August, a new charitable organization called Help The Fish will open its doors officially to the public. Our goal is to provide a directory or fish stores internationally with users' comments, thoughts and opinions separating the good from the bad....We have a public forum, functionality to list fish stores, and methods to rate the quality of the stores submitted by our users." 
Peter has reproduced some articles from Aquarticles on his new site, and in return has donated
Caring for Zebra Danios10 Things to Know About Dwarf PuffersNew Fish Diary - Figure Eight Puffer, 10 Things to Know About Bumblebee Gobies, and Fish Acclimatization.
- August 7: Updated Page Views Cumulative Count. How many times has each article been read?
- Occasionally Aquarticles gets unsolicited messages of appreciation. Recently Michele B. wrote: "I just wanted to let you know that I think your website is the best one I have seen so far. Your articles are interesting and simple to understand. I am deleting all the other fish websites I have bookmarked, except for Thankyou." ...Thankyou Michele!
- Cem Ertan wrote from Turkey to ask permission to translate some Aquarticles articles into Turkish, for the first and only Turkish aquarium magazine Akvaryum Dunyasi Dergisi (Aquarium World Magazine): website in Turkish:    We were pleased to agree. Some lucky authors will be receiving mail from Turkey soon!

July 2005: 928 articles now available
- Kevin Thurston edits the newsletter of the Colorado Aquarium Society, and regularly uses articles from Aquarticles. In return he has contributed nine of his own authoritative articles, including How I Raise Anabantoid Fry, Jumbo Catfishes, Hybrids, What is a Fish Worth?, Dealing With Those Confusing Fish Names, The Black Trigger.
- Bill Shenefelt wanted a cold water fish room to supplement his warm water one, so he took over his garage:
Cold Water Fish Room.  Also, information about how to remove minerals from hard water, including the use of  reverse osmosis: Water Treatment.
- July 12: Updated
Page View Cumulative Count. How many times has each article been read?
- Karen Lang, editor of The Informer, Green Water Aquarist Society of Chicagoland, sent her article
Apple Snails, Bob Blaho's Selection and Use of a Microscope for Aquarists, and The 8 Steps of Spawning Corys by Robert Dwyer.
- David Marshall contributed another report in his series about public aquariums in the U.K. and Europe:
The Fish at Hull's Pearson Park.
- Schuyler (Mr. Sky) Sloane, founder and president of the Northeast Philadelphia Aquarium Society, wrote to say that he has created a new Google group where board members of aquarium societies can swap ideas and information. Go to:
- Gerald Jennings, of London, wrote about his new project: 'The Aphanius Project is a breeding programme sponsored by Calypso Research, a branch of the Calypso Organization. Its goal is to spawn and raise a range of endangered Aphanius killifish in captivity; to standardise their breeding requirements in order that the project may be replicated, and to build up sufficient stocks for eventual re-release into their original habitat." Supplies of any Aphanius species are needed. For more information go to the web page of The Calypso Organization and click on 'Calypso Research.'

June 2005: 913 articles now available
- Another well written fish profile by Joe Gallo, of Texas: Congo Tetra.
- Indian aquarist S. Naga Siddharth recounts his personal experiences Breeding Jewel Cichlids, with original photos.
- Madan Subramanian and his friends in Bangalore, India, went on an exhausting weekend trip to find the beautiful but elusive barb
Puntius denisonii. A photographic report.
- David Marshall, of the Ryedale Aquarist Society, England, describes a seldom seen African catfish,
Synodontis katangae,....and also updated his article on the Blue Reef Aquarium at Tynemouth.
- Bill Shenefelt of the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society contributed
Shene's Beginners' Guide to Killies, from his website

May 2005: 908 articles now available
- Colin Calway rears koi under natural conditions on his fish farm in Florida, and observes that as they grow older they display different social behaviour patterns.
- Eric Naus, of Holland, wrote to offer articles from his website in Amsterdam: Aquaworld. Added Breeding Corydoras.
- Added a new store to the Aquarium Stores of Vancouver Canada series: Big Al's Aquarium Services, Richmond. Have you ever seen a $6,000 arowana?!
- David Marshall of the Ryedale Aquarist Society, sent an illustrated report on his visit to
The Four Ponds of Burton Agnes Hall, in Yorkshire, England.
- Bill 'PegasusNZ' wrote to say that he is looking for somebody to take over his forum 'Aquaprobs Online', a New Zealand based discussion group about aquarium problems. See: .

- From Stefan vd Voort of Holland, a description of the newly discovered Betta aurigens, and how to keep and breed bettas of the Betta waseri group.
- Courtesy of Roland Seah of Singapore, added
Introduction to the Cryptocoryne Genus, by Xema, of Spain.
- Ananda Menon, of India, contributed
Setting-up a Community Tank.

April 2005: 900 articles now available
- Joe Gallo, of Texas, contributed a detailed profile of another of his favourite fish: Senegal (Cuvier's) Bichir (Polypterus senegalus), and also one about the African Butterfly Fish (Pantadon buchalzi).
- Tom Haupenthal, from his website, answers the perennial question: How do I euthanize my fish?
- Added an article about keeping Dwarf Puffers, by Kaiwa, of Vancouver Canada.
- Brian Torreano of sent his latest article, about an accidental spawning of the killifish
Fundulopanchax gardneri.
- From the archives of the Southern Colorado Aquarium Society, nine well-written articles by president David Ball, including Creating a Natural Zaire River Tank, The Lighter Side of Tropheus, Live Foods: Grasshoppers and Crickets and Earthworms, Confessions of an Mbuna Freak, and others marked new in the Breeding and Management sections.
- and also, from Southern Colorado's webmaster Curt Dunaway:
Lighting Terms, and Setting-up Your First Planted Tank.
- William Berg, a vastly experienced Swedish aquarist currently living in Moscow, submitted three more articles that he wrote for, his own website: Breeding Piranhas, Breeding Clownfish, and Feeding Bettas.
- Schuyler Sloane founded the Northeast Philadelphia Aquarium Society just over a year ago, and has added Parts 2 and 3 of his series of articles about how he did it:  sex izle very good. Fish Have Aquarium Clubs, Why Can't I?
- Mark Weierman wrote to offer a new collection of articles by the Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society. Added Mark's spawning report on the livebearer Xenophallus umbratilis, Mike Satkowski's Chalinochromis sp. "Ndobnoi", Mike McCartney's Altolamprologus calvus, and an impressive and detailed series of five articles about water chemistry by

  • Oral Pornolar
  • Lenny Llambi - start with: The Stuff That Water's Made Of, Part 1: The Molecule, Temperature, Saltwater, and Osmosis.
    - Joe Lover, of the Iowa Aquaria Association, sent his species profile about the Lake Malawi cichlid Cyrtocara moorii.
    - Doug Kamp, of Australia, contributed Marine Aquarium Do's and Don'ts for Beginners, from his website
    - Sam Davies, of Surrey, England, describes how he made a simple
    5 Minute D.I.Y. Sponge Filter for his quarantine tank.
    - Curt Dunaway, of the Southern Colorado Aquarium Society, sent
    Anatomy of a Crypt., an illustrated article he wrote for his website

    March 2005: 867 articles now available
    - Two more photographic articles about my recent visit to China: A Photographic Visit to Ocean Park Aquarium in Hong Kong, and The Goldfish Pagoda at Ocean Park, Hong Kong.
    - During my visit to China I came across lots of live fish for sale, kept in fish tanks in restaurants. I took photos of them, at: Fish Seen in Chinese Restaurants. Some of the fish I couldn't identify. Can anyone help?
    - Added another collection of 42 cartoons by Adrian Lawler:
    Tank Tales, Part IV
    - And an article by Dr. Lawler about a way aquarium water can transmit diseases through the air: Fish Tank Aerosols Transmitting Infections to Other Tanks or Humans.
    - The editors of have been adding articles from Aquarticles to their site, and have here contributed one of their own: Breeding Livebearers - Guppies and Swordtails.
    - RR Sriram and Beta Mahatvaraj were part of a group of Indian aquarists who spent a long weekend studying ecosystems and collecting plants in the Western Ghats - Photo Feature: Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.
    - In our aquariums we keep tropical plants, but the cold arctic lakes of Greenland also have a rich variety of aquatic vegetation, as described by Ole Pedersen and Klaus Peter Brodersen of the University of Copenhagen, in: Spectacular Underwater Landscapes of Arctic Lakes. Illustrated.
    - Some aquarium inhabitants ingest substrate for various reasons. Dr. Adrian Lawler discusses this and suggests ways to prevent it: 
    Substrate Ingestion by Tank Occupants.
    - Two different commercial website owners were recently found to have posted a large number of articles from Aquarticles without crediting the authors, their clubs, or Aquarticles. The sites were closed down. Authors are recommended to try a special search technique to find out whether any of their own works have been similarly misappropriated elsewhere: We Wuz Robbed!
    - March 11: Page Views Cumulative Count updated. How many times has your article been read? Courtesy of our new site statistics service,
    - Dr. Adrian Lawler contributed his "Knowledge Tree" - an organised list of things a person should study in order to become an aquarist:
    Some Items of Interest to an Aquarist.
    - Schuyler Sloane founded the Northeast Philadelphia Aquarium Society just over a year ago, and here describes how he did it (Part 1 of a proposed 4 parts): Fish Have Aquarium Clubs, Why Can't I?
    - David Marshall, of the Ryedale Aquarist Society in England, sent Majid Ali's latest article: The Spooky Looking Glass Worm and a report of his own, on The Mustard Catfish, Synodontis albolineatus.
    - Bob Berdoulay, of the Diamond State Aquarium Society, sent his latest two articles, Saving Livebearers' Fry the Natural Way, and And the Winner Is...
    - Joe Gallo, of Texas, contributed a comprehensive and well-written article about the Armored Bichir.
    - Michael Lo spent part of his Chinese New Year holiday exploring a remote part of Sarawak, and collected a variety of fish and aquatic plants. See his latest photographic report, The Crypt. Hunting Trip.

    February 2005: 849 articles now available
    - February 17:  Completed three more photographic articles about China: The Space-Age City of Shanghai (tourist sights - no fish), A Visit to the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium (lots of fish), and Jiangyin Road, a Street of Aquarium Shops in Shanghai (almost as many fish).
    - February 3:  Two more articles about my recent visit to China: The
    Spectacular Scenery of Guilin, followed by A Visit to the Guilin Ocean Aquarium. This series is about the tourist sights, public aquariums, and aquarium shops of China. China is an amazing country. If you haven't seen any of this series yet, start with:  A Tour of China in Winter, Part 1a: Introduction and the Tourist Sights of Beijing.
    - A NEW FEATURE: Page Views Cumulative Count. Our new detailed site statistics service is providing a running total of page views since September 1, 2004. See how many times your article has been read! Updated to January 28, 2005.
    - Added another article about large catfish, sent by David Marshall of the Ryedale Aquarist Society, England:
    Synodontis notatus.
    - More for the Travel Section, by Holger WindelÝv and Claus Christensen of Tropica Aquarium Plants  (Denmark) - an illustrated account of their collecting trip to Thailand: The Search for New Aquarium Plants.
    - An original article by 'fish doctor' Adrian Lawler, Ph.D., Hyperplasia in Fishes. (Hyperplasia is increase in cell numbers, resulting in new growth or tumors, caused by various irritants).
    - Jackie Shor, of West Virginia, wrote three romantic poems about her pet bettas, and has now written about her new companion:
    Here's Rusty.

    January 2005: 841 articles now available
    - January 7: I have just returned from my annual winter holiday, and this year I went to China. I visited four large public aquariums and saw various other aquarium related sights, and shall write about them in due course....
    - January 26: First four new articles about my China trip posted - The Tourist Sights of Beijing, A Visit to the Beijing Aquarium, An Arcade of Aquarium Shops in Beijing, and The Beijing Museum of Natural History. Lots of photos. Start with :

    A Tour of China in Winter, Part 1a: Introduction and the Tourist Sights of Beijing, by Howard Norfolk.
    More articles to come soon!
    - January 28: Two more about China:
    Xi'an and the Army of Terracotta Warriors (not about fish), and An Aquarium Market in Xi'an. More to come.
    - DeWayne L. Duff of San Antonio contributed an article original to Aquarticles:
    Instant Corydoras paleatus (just add water), wherein he explains what triggers his corys to breed.
    - John Chapkovich, editor of Wet Pet Gazette, Norwalk Aquarium Society, sent Barry Lynch's detailed article about the African labyrinth fish
    Ctenopoma ansorgei, and also Breeding Dicrossus maculatus, by Sal Silvestri.
    - Added a new original and authoritative article by retired professional aquarist Dr. Adrian Lawler:
    Natural Cooling and Circulation of Water in Ponds.
    - And two more by Dr. Lawler, one about the use of bamboo around ponds: Bamboo for Ponds, and one about the most common viral infection in fish: Lymphocystis Disease of Fishes.
    - David Marshall of the Ryedale Aquarist Society, England, sent three new articles about the large catfish he favours: Clarius - the Walking Catfish, The Clown Squeaker, and The Ivory Synodontis, and an article by Majid Ali: My Story on the Weather Loach.
    - Was pleased to receive an email from Claus Christensen, Managing Director of the Tropica Aquarium Plants company, of Denmark. Claus wrote:
    "I saw your webpage and I do like it! It is a very good idea and I do agree that it is important to spread good information to the clubs and others interested." Claus offered the use of articles he and his friends have written for the Tropica Aquarium Plants website - "As long as it is for non-commercial use they are all free!"
    Added two landscaping articles:
    The Open Aquarium, by Claus Christensen, and Water Bowls, by Ole Pedersen, and will add more in due course.
    Also added
    Ranunculus limosella, a foreground cover plant from New Zealand that Tropica has recently started  propagating.
    - In India, power outages are sometimes planned and notified of in advance. Madhu Soodnahan writes about how to deal with these and also unplanned power cuts:
    Tackling Power Failures.
    - Colin Calway sent another installment for his Diary of a Florida Fish Farm. Some fishes did well during a cold snap, others didn't.
    - Diane Plasko has started using some Aquarticles articles in Shoreline, newsletter of the Jersey Shore Aquarium Society, and in return has sent some articles by her club members;
    Emperor Tetra and Callochromis pleurospilus by Larry Jinks, Black Neon by Bill Loesch, and Cyprichromis leptosoma by Len Reback.
    - Over the years Ron Brown, of Liverpool England, has fed his fish many commonplace things that he has found in his kitchen and garden. See:
    Foods for Thought.

    December 2004: 815 articles now available
    - From Muskego Wisconsin, Tom Haupenthal runs a website and message board, and has contributed an article that answers the questions people often ask about the use of driftwood:
    Driftwood Dos and Don'ts.
    - William Berg, of Sweden, submitted two more articles that he wrote for, his own website:
    Growing Adult Brine Shrimp, and Clown Loaches.
    - Jacqueline Shor loved her pet betta, Joshua, and wrote two poems in his honour - an upbeat one when he was alive, and a heartrending one when he was dying. Go to:
    My Fish Joshua.
    - By Dr. Adrian Lawler, an original article that discusses how to naturally cool and circulate pond water by adding shade: Shading to Increase Water (and Oxygen) Circulation during the Summer. 
    - Dr. Lawler is retired Supervisor of the J L Scott Aquarium, and in 1995 wrote a handout that explains some technicalities of how a public aquarium is run: The J L Scott Aquarium and Living Displays.
    - On his fish farm in central Florida, Colin Calway was surprised to find Hoplosternum littorali (armored catfish) breeding naturally.

    November 2004: 808 articles now available
    - Michael Lo is an aquarist and naturalist who lives in Sarawak, a Malaysian state in the equatorial island of Borneo. He regularly goes on collecting expeditions into the jungles, and has written a series of articles, illustrated by his wonderful collection of photographs of familiar and lesser known fish and plants and their habitats. Start with:
    Kuhli Loaches Cast a Magic Spell on Me!!!
    - Benny Ng and friends flew across from Singapore to Sarawak and met up with Michael Lo. They spent several days collecting tropical fish and plants, and took lots of photographs of bettas, barbs, rasboras, snakeheads and other fish. See: Sarawak Adventure.
    - Michael Lo also put Aquarticles in touch with Zhou Hang, a Chinese aquarist who until recently was living in Singapore (he has recently returned home to China). See his fascinating series of photographic field trip reports, starting with Field Trip to Terengganu, Malaysia.
    - Madhu Soodhanan, of India, sent his latest article:
    pH: To be or not to be considered?
    - Also from India, Biju Uthup contributed a photographic feature about how he made his own inexpensive aquarium filtration system: An Improved DIY Sump Filter for My Aquarium.
    - William Berg is a Swedish aquarist currently living in Moscow. To while away those long cold Russian evenings he has created a website and has loaded it with articles from Aquarticles. In return he submitted seven new articles, including Freshwater Moray Eels... Spawning the Chinese Algae Eater... Keeping Gars... Breeding Crayfish.
    - Schuyler Sloane, Founder and President of the The Northeast Philadelphia Aquarium Society, regularly uses articles from Aquarticles in his newsletter, The Tank. The November issue had the following:
    On the net - Mr. Sky
    If you are like me you are always looking for something fishy on the net. I have a favorites folder with hundreds of sites that at all about fish. In this new section of The Tank we will be reviewing some of them. This month will be dedicated to a site that without it we wouldn't have some of the great content we have. is a great site created by Howard Norfolk of Canada. The site is full of articles that have become invaluable to all aquarium society newsletter editors. The site is also a treasure trove of information that any aquarist can find helpful. From tank maintenance to collecting trips in other countries, there is enough reading material on this site to keep people like you and me up and brewing another pot of coffee for hours.
    So visit often and remember if you submit an article for The Tank, we will post it to aquarticles for you. Just wait and see how many people read your work.

    Thankyou Mr. Sky!
    - Schuyler also contributed another article to Aquarticles:
    Water Wisteria by Bill Gehan, which, as well as describing this beginners' plant, contains a discussion of the benefits that plants in general bring to an aquarium.
    - Dr. Adrian Lawler had 31 ponds on his personal property at one time. He describes how to construct a pond and discusses the various materials that may be used to line them:
    Pond Liners. He is also an expert on fish health and diseases, and has contributed an original article about parasitic flatworms: Monogenea of Fishes ...and another article about a new way of controlling mosquitoes and using them as fish food.
    - The group of aquarists in Chennai, India went on another collecting trip, to a nearby tropical hillstream. See their latest report: Tada, by R.R. Sriram, with many photos by Beta Mahatvaraj and Ravi.

    October 2004: 780 articles now available
    - There is an active and friendly group of local aquarists in tropical South India. Beta Mahatvaraj is one of them, and he recently went on a day's collecting trip with friends in Bangalore. They caught rosy barbs, flying barbs and other fish including a snakehead (Channa). Lots of great photos of fish and biotopes:
    The Hunt for Channa.
    - R.R. Sriram of Chennai India, reports on a similar trip where tilapia, orange chromides, Indian glassfish, sleeper gobies, shrimps and weather loaches were caught: Cauverypattnam.
    - Beta Mahatvaraj also contributed an article about his experiences breeding the Lake Tanganyika cichlid Neolamprologus brichardi  and one about Selecting Discus.
    - S.N. Nagendra writes how aquarists in India use
    almond tree leaves as a water conditioner for sensitive fishes, and another article: Salt Baths for Fishes.
    -Last month Colin Calway wrote about a routine day in the life of his Florida fish farm. He's had a busy month since then, since Florida was devastated by four hurricanes in a row. A side effect was that a holding pond was invaded by walking catfish. See
    Hurricanes and Walking Catfish. 
    - David Marshall, of the Ryedale Aquarist Society, England, contributed his new article - Pacu - A Giant Characin of the Amazon.
    - Added six more articles written by Brett Fogle for Pond Stuff, newsletter of MacArthur Water Gardens  of Boca Raton, Florida, including a timely series of tips about  Your Pond in Winter.
    - Writing from India, Madhu Soodhanan argues that flowerhorn fish, as man-made hybrids, are an abomination to the hobby and devastating when released into the wild: Flowerhorns, alias Nightmares.
    - Schuyler Sloane, Founder and President of The Northeast Philadelphia Aquarium Society, regularly uses articles from Aquarticles in his newsletter, The Tank. He returned the favour by submitting an article by his Vice President, Bill Gehan: The Cardinal Tetra.
    - From the latest Monthly Bulletin of the Hamilton & District Aquarium Society: Charles Drew, Breeding the Florida Blue Crayfish.

    September 2004: 763 articles now available
    - Aquarium history article. In the 1870s there was a boom in the construction of public aquariums in England and elsewhere. How did it start? What happened to them? What were the principles of aquarium keeping at that time? See:
    Aquariums and Public Aquariums in Mid-Victorian Times, by Howard Norfolk.
    - With permission from Splash editor Naomi Gettler, posted ten articles from some of the prolific writers in the Milwaukee Aquarium Society: Kevin Korotev, Dave Lorbeske, Jeff Michels, Chuck Rambo, Eric Rogne, Woody Tews, and Tom Wojtech.
    - Added
    Synodontis angelicus, about how to care for the polka-dot catfish from Zaire. Another contribution by David Marshall of the Ryedale Aquarist Society, England.
    - And also by David Marshall, an account of his experiences in keeping a strain of guppies going for ten years:
    The Russian Cobra Guppy....And again, his experiences with Ancistrus claro, a rare bristlenose plecostomus.
    - Jennifer Lioto sometimes uses Aquarticles articles in the Reflector, newsletter of the Central New York Aquarium Society, and has returned the favour by donating an article about
    Julidochromis ornatus, the 'Julie', by Winnie Pitzeruse.
    - Colin Calway
    sent an account of the daily routine at his
    fish farm in Florida.
    - Milton Toal, of Australia, submitted two articles about live foods: mosquitoes and brine shrimp.
    - Posted four articles by Bob Krampetz, who writes regularly for Fish Flash, the Greater Portland Aquarium Society newsletterAutomated Water Changing....The search for the elusive 'marmalade cat,'....How I raised killies after a fruitless year of trying (humour), and a fascinating account of his 50 years in the aquarium hobby.
    - Paul McFarlane, of the Hamilton and District Aquarium Society in Canada, adds a new article to his club's website just about every month. Added four more to Aquarticles: Geophagus steindachneri (red hump eartheater) by Tony Bernard, Hemigrammus hyanuary (Costello tetra) by Charles Drew, Metriaclima mbenji and Pseudotropheus flavus (both Lake Malawi cichlids) by Larry Johnson.

    August 2004: 736 articles now available
    - Changed the Aquarticles banner at the top of this page to include Bringing together aquarists of the World.
    Aquarticles is becoming a world-wide site:
    * It includes articles from authors in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, England, India, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, and USA.
    * The Travel Section contains articles about fishkeeping and fish collecting in these and other parts of the World.
    * Articles from Aquarticles have been translated into Croatian, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, and Spanish languages.
    * Aquarticles currently receives over 80,000 individual visits per month, and nearly one million hits. Visits this month so far are from, in order: USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, Singapore, UK, India, Mexico, Sweden, New Zealand, Argentina, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Philippines, Norway, US Military, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Israel, Switzerland, France, and many others.
    *** We're always looking for more articles. If you have written an article about fish or aquaria for your website, your aquarium club's newsletter, or for that matter any other reason, we'd love to hear from you! For the conditions and how to do it go to: Submit Articles.
    - Added another article to The Aquarium Stores of Vancouver Series:
    Part XIV, Hawaiian Botanicals, by Howard Norfolk. Hawaiian Botanicals specialises in water lilies and aquatic plants, and also stocks a variety of tropical, carnivorous and exotic plants that are interesting in their own right. Lots of photos.
    - In early July I visited the Seattle Aquarium in the Northwest Pacific State of Washington, USA., and took lots of photos. Go to:
    A Photographic Visit to the Seattle Aquarium by Howard Norfolk.
    - Marshall Davis, of Pittsburgh, sent his article about breeding
    Tropheus sp. "Black" location point Kiriza.
    - 'Tom', in France, has translated eleven articles into French for his website about livebearers: Passion Vivipares.
    - Brian Torreano, of Wisconsin, catches and sells native North American darters and other fish through his website btDarters' World . He has written a series of three articles about how to keep them. Start with:
    Creating a Tank for Natives, Part 1: Still- or Slackwater Species Tank.

    Site Diary continued....
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